3RB1337 is based in the EU and the US, so all of our deliveries in EU and US are Customs-exempt. We will even charge you VAT in EU, Taxes in the US and GST in Australia and New Zealand.

Some countries may charge you customs depending on location and the value of your order. You are responsible to check before ordering.

Shipping may vary from country to another and for different product groups. You will always see the price before checking out after you enter your address. For the detailed shipping prices, check it on our Shipping page here.

Delivery time may very depending on where it needs to be delivered and from where we send the order. We always try to send the products from the nearest fulfilment center available.

The delivery time we announce in the checkout page is considered as a guideline and the delivery may take longer to get delivered. If you haven’t received your package 2 weeks after it should have arrived, send us a message below and we will try to track it as soon as possible.

Unfortunately we are not able to change your information after we have received your order. In some cases we will able to do that if you can send the changes directly to us, bur we can’t guarantee that.

Always check your information before ordering.

We accept alot of different payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Wallet and other Debit Cards. In some countries we may offer different payment methods such as Bank Transfer and Direct Pay.

If you want to wire us your payment, contact us before making an order and we will try to fulfil your order and send you our banking information before hand.

We will not start fulfiling your order until we have received full payment.

If there is any issues with your payment, check first with your bank that there is no issues or technical difficulties.

If the issues persists, try another card or payment method.

When ordering, on the checkout page, you will be able to use your coupon by writing your code.

As our products are manufactured after the order, we can’t offer any returns. For any questions about returns, check our Return Policy page.

If something arrives damaged, send a photo of the damaged goods to, then we’ll gladly send a replacement at no cost to you.

Unfortunately if we have confirmed the order and started fulfiling the products then we will not be able to cancel your order.

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To contact us, drop us a line at for any issues with your purchase.